Welcome to my photography gallery. I hope you enjoy these images taken around the world while traveling, hiking, sailing, and adventuring with my wife Rebecca.

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orizontal photo of the beach in the town of Capesterre on the island of Marie-Galante in the Caribbean. A strip of white sand, with shadowed splashes from the overhead palms, anchors the lower fifth of the image. Beyond the sand beach we see the light-turquoise Caribbean Sea—with a narrow strip of dark blue on the horizon where the waves break over distant coral reefs. From the beach, the camera looks upward following tall, skinny, wind-swept palms that lean in from both edges of the photo against a pure blue, cloudless sky in the upper two-thirds of the image. Rounded circles of palm fronds at the top of each palm tree hover in the sky like small bursts of green fireworks in the upper third of the image.

Discover the World Through the Lens of Karl Buhl

The magic of light: What a wonderfully enigmatic medium from which to interpret the world—through a creative confluence of art, inspiration, and imagination.

I like to think of my photography as colorful, inquisitive, and cheerful—capturing portraits, landscapes, and everyday scenes around the world: People in diverse cultures. Common objects in their daily settings. The geography between land and sea. White sails against a blue sky. These are the subjects. But light is the medium.

Most Recent Photos—New Mexico

All images are sold in limited editions

Miami’s South Beach at Night

All images are sold in limited editions