When you ask a photographer “What company do you use for printmaking?” they either divulge the source immediately—or, they respond with “That’s confidential!”

I belong to the first group.  The source for printmaking is inseparable from the final image quality.  Photographers need to choose carefully and wisely.

After significant research among multiple printmakers throughout the U.S., I have decided to work exclusively with Blazing Editions in Rhode Island.  Now managed by its second generation of family ownership, Blazing Editions is recognized internationally for its high quality reproductions.

To ensure the best quality for my images, I only sell metal prints.  Blazing Editions has evolved metal prints using a dye-sublimation process, whereby the image is heat-transferred onto pre-treated aluminum.  The process is quite difficult to perfect, but the results are stunning.

  • Recycled aluminum (produced with 90% recycled aluminum)

  • Archival quality (65+ years)

  • Easy to clean (just use a microfiber cloth and a household cleaner)

  • Light weight (a 40×60″ panel with a aluminum float backing weighs approximately 13 lbs).

  • Scratch resistant (dyes are infused beneath the exterior coating)