• Captiva Sunset

    Children play in the surf, silhouetted by sunset at Alison Hagerup Beach on Captiva Island.  Captiva is a 40-minute drive from our home in Southwest Florida (if you don't mind the $6 causeway toll).  Image #3 of 3.
  • Prior to Ash Wednesday the village of Tilcajete, near Oaxaca, celebrates carnival with imaginative animal and creature masks in chanting, grunting, colorful processions. A young boy celebrates carnival with a red serpent weaving around his white face, and his torso painted black. Many carnival celebrants cover their bodies in motor oil. Bekki and I traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico, February of 2020 with my sister and brother-in-law who organize cultural trips to Central America and Mexico.  
  • San Blas Siblings

    The San Blas Archipelago, off the northeastern coast of Panama, is home to the Kuna Yala—an indigenous people that inhabit its 365 coastal islands.  Brother and sister looked up and smiled from their dugout canoe as their father delivered fruits on the stern of our sailboat.  Image made while we were cruising the San Blas in our sailboat 2001.


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