• Benito Juarez Market Peppers

    Close up of a basket of red and green peppers for sale at the Benito Juarez market in Oaxaca, Mexico. This 3-foot wide basket of peppers completely covered the spectrum from green, yellow, orange, and bright red. Bekki and I traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico, February of 2020 with my sister and brother-in-law who organize cultural trips to Central America and Mexico. While the Benito Juarez Market isn't the only market in Oaxaca, it's a large and vibrant one with over 360 vendors selling ... everything.  
  • Guadeloupe Fish Nets

    Fishing nets laying on the jetty at the Grand-Bourg marina on the island of Marie-Galante.  Image made while sailing with friends in the West Indies.
  • Huatulco Siesta

    Walking around Huatulco, Mexico, one afternoon, I turned the corner to find two men taking a sidewalk siesta in the afternoon heat.  This was one of those photographer moments when panic struck: can I get the camera up, shutter speed set, lens focused, and get the shot off before they stirred?  Yes!  Was it all that time behind the lens that paid off?  Probably not.  They were really zonked out.  (Or maybe a little bit of both.)  This is one of my favorite images from Mexico.  Image made while cruising Mexico in our sailboat 2000.
  • Elaborate lighting systems illuminate South Beach's Ocean Drive at night. This is one of a series of drone shots which required three separate trips to South Beach.  The shots were technically difficult because of pedestrians, vehicles, and stiff breezes off of the Atlantic Ocean.  This shot is of the Breakwater hotel.
  • Orange Sails Blue Horizon

    The 22nd Hobie 16 World race was held on Captiva Island, Florida, on November, 2019. Hobie Cats line the beach between races. This image forms a color wheel clockwise from the white sand to the green waves, teal-colored ocean, blue sky, around to the orange and white sails.
  • San Blas Siblings

    The San Blas Archipelago, off the northeastern coast of Panama, is home to the Kuna Yala—an indigenous people that inhabit its 365 coastal islands.  Brother and sister looked up and smiled from their dugout canoe as their father delivered fruits on the stern of our sailboat.  Image made while we were cruising the San Blas in our sailboat 2001.
  • Santa Fe Window and Rooster

    A black wrought iron scroll-caged window, framed in peeling teal-colored paint, complements an adobe wall in Santa Fe. A nearby hand-painted rooster crows-in the morning.  
  • Stairway to Heaven

    This was actually the stairway to the locker rooms at the Acapulco Yacht Club.  But 'Stairway to Heaven' sounds a bit more evocative.  Every morning, light flooded the top of the stairs, amplifying the orange walls and carpet.  Love those Mexican colors.  Image made while cruising Mexico in our sailboat 2000.


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