30 Knots in the Gulf of Chiriqui


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This is one of my favorite photos from my 3-years of cruising the Pacific on our Hallberg-Rassy 42, ‘Andante.’  We were sailing in flat seas in the Gulf of Chiriqui as we made our way toward the Panama Canal.  Suddenly, wind and seas perked up with no clouds anywhere.  My friend and accomplished sailor, Chris Brown, on a close reach as the sun set on the horizon.  Transparency taken while we were cruising Central America in our sailboat 2000-2001.


People: man

Element: water

Colors: blue, yellow, gold

Place: Central America, Panama, Gulf of Chiriqui

Time of the day: sunset

Things: sailboat

Activities: sailing

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24×36, 30×45, 40×60, 48×72


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