Kuna Canoe Guest


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The San Blas Archipelago, off the northeastern coast of Panama, is home to the Kuna Yala—an indigenous people that inhabit its 365 coastal islands.  The only way to truly experience the islands is by sailboat, and we sailed them for a month.  They sell fruit, vegetables, and handmade mola textiles to the cruisers.  Women wear mola blouses with patterned skirts, red and yellow head scarfs, arm and leg beads, long black lines down the nose, and often a gold nose ring.  Taken while we were cruising Central America in our sailboat 2000-2001.


People: woman,

Element: water, sky

Colors: blue, green

Place: Central America, Panama, San Blas, Guna Yala

Time of the day: day

Things: canoes

Activities: –

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