Shipwrecked (1/3)


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The San Blas Archipelago, off the northeastern coast of Panama, is home to the Kuna Yala—an indigenous people that inhabit its 365 coastal islands.  We sailed the archipelago for a month.  One day we found this little round little button of an island with white sand, one palm tree, and a grounded freighter in the background.  So we decided to do a ‘shipwrecked’ triptych.  Bekki donned a dress.  I rowed her to the island in our dinghy, and then rowed away to photograph.  That’s trust!  Images made while we were cruising the San Blas in our sailboat 2001.


People: woman

Element: water, sky, earth

Colors: beige, blue, green

Place: Central America, Panama, San Blas, Guna Yala

Time of the day: day

Things: beach, ocean, palm trees

Activities: shipwrecked

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